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Sports and Event Downloads


Thank you for your purchase of a digital image!  Below are the instructions for viewing/downloading your image(s).

Please visit our Digital Gallery to view your image.

 1. Enter your password.  Unless otherwise instructed, your password will be your child's first name

2. Click Open.

3. Click on any image in the gallery to view.

4. From here you can favorite, post to social media, leave comments, and download.

 To download:

1.  Click the download button

2. Enter your email address

3. Enter your pin number.  Unless otherwise instructed, your pin number is the 4-digit date of your event (i.e. 0804 for August 4th, 1017 for October 17th). 

 You will have approximately two weeks to download your image before your gallery is closed.  There will be an additional fee to re-open your gallery.

 If you need a print release to print your images locally, click here:  PRINT RELEASE

For tips on cropping your image and recommended vendors, click HERE